Friday, March 25, 2011

Notes 3/25


2) It has been a relatively calm week for me, although I do feel like school's holding me back, and a few people in the virtual world annoyed me.

3) The world is a complete mess - at least according to the media - and some of my friends are worried sick that the end is near. To keep myself sane, I've been trying very hard to not read any news but of course I keep getting them via facebook, emails, and texts instead.

4) I've been receiving some pretty strange mails lately. One was a marriage proposal. I haven't responded coz I haven't had the opportunity to check with D if he's going to be cool about my taking a 2nd husband. But I'm sure he'd like the idea that he lives in the UK, and is a perfect stranger. Afterall, I did say I'm dying for an adventure.

5) More SCHOOL next week, and very likely less time for trading.

US session trade for today:
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PnL for the week:

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DT233 said...

Happy Birthday LW!!!

Very nice results this week Jules. Congrats!

cory said...

you are fast.

Jules said...

@ DT: THANK YOU!!! :-) I'm still working on the email reply! I do have things to say, I just need a day or 2 to organize my thoughts. :-)

@ Cory: And your student is gutsy!! :-)

Times of Your Life said...

ahhhh @.@ i was getting lazy the past 2 days, playing simcity 4 hahahahahahah -_-"

hahahahhah i laughed so hard for that marriage proposal, weird email

Jules said...

Times of Your Life (can I call you TYL? PLEASE?,
Simcity is definitely more difficult than online poker! LOL!
Strange things happen in virtual space :-)

cory said...

did somebody mention poker?

Times of Your Life said...

of course of course, call me TYL hahahahaha, its easier

@.@ these kind of things in virtual space sounds very interesting