Friday, March 25, 2011

Trade 3/24

This should teach me never to enter a trade right in the middle of the previous session's range before price has made a significant move in a certain direction, and to never trade on a day that:

1) Sea and I had talked about MUM
2) I am having a terrible migraine
3) I am pissed with certain people

@Soulfire and Times Of Your Life: Thanks for your notes. I'll reply tmrw. Apologies.

Hourly - Click to Enlarge
5min - Click to Enlarge

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Soullfire said...

You tricked me...based on your entry I expected to see a red entry only to see yet more blue added instead. =)

Wow - that was close to a 12 hour trade! Were you monitoring it the whole time? If so- you should get a marathon medal for that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That MAE was so large I felt the heat from here :-)

Lord Tedders said...

Ouch. So many gorgeous opportunities in Crude today and you chose to hold onto that trade. Maybe you wanted to punish yourself?


Jules said...

@ Soulfire: Yes, 12 hours. I took my eyes off my charts only 4 times: once to feed my cats, twice to pee, and once to receive D when he came home. :-D

@ LW: I've never been able to grasp the MAE concept, just like I've never been able to think in terms of %. :-P

@ LT: I did say that I have a malfunctioning brain :-) It's just that it becomes particularly bad during a certain time of the month, especially when it coincides with the week that UNCLE BEN TALKS... Ok, I did have a plan...except that my timing was A LITTLE off. :-D

cory said...

nice! you've got company

Jules said...

LOL!!! Is the chart yours, CORY??! LOL!!!

cory said...

it's my account the trades were made by my student. Hence they were 'external' coming in from another computer.

Jules said...

You're a teacher, Cory?? Wow! Is there anything else I don't know about you? You have a surprise for me every year! :-)