Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trade 3/23 (US Session)

I finally opened up to the lady seated next to me in class. She turned out to be quite a darling (yes, Sea, just the opposite of me). I'm actually starting to like the rainbow colors on her eye, and her golden curly locks. She likes my nude face, and my ultra long and perfectly straight hair. She loves to talk, and I love to listen to her stories. HOW VERY ODD!!

US Session late day (2pm ET) trade and PnL for the day:

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5min - Click to Enlarge

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Times of Your Life said...

...superb superb...
my eye is going to pop out @.@ hahahaha

she must have some amazing stories

Jules said...

:-) Times of Your Life.
She does. She is a great dancer, and I'm the kind that freezes on the dance floor. She wakes up just in time for lunch everyday, and HAS to get out of her home. Basically, she's everything that I'm not, so everything she says is fascinating! :-)