Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trade 3/23 (Asian Globex)

Late for school, late for school!

Asian Session trade:
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Soullfire said...

Your trading made me think of a contest we traders should have one day- how many back to back positive trades can one make in a week, two weeks, or a month? For those who tie at having all positive trades, the one with the highest daily average would win. You would be quite the formidable contestant! =)

DT233 said...

Ho-hum. Another profitable day. :o)

Please check your gmail.

Jules said...

Soulfire, I bet you all the real traders out there who are not blogging are laughing their ass off :-) Saw your mail while checking for DT's - will drop you a note :-)

Jules said...

DT!! ^.^ ^.^ ^.^
Yes, just saw your mail! Thank you :-) Will reply tmrw! MUAK.

Jules said...

I'll let you know when I want your opinion :-) NOT kidding.

Soullfire said...


I'm afraid I beg to differ - unless these are snapshots of your paper trading account, these are real trades, which makes you a real trader. :)

Your trade size may be small compared to most prop trading professionals, but I'm sure your consistency would impress the majority of blogging and non blogging traders alike. After all, consistency is the most importing thing- having that, the amount earned is just a matter of scaling. =)

Jules said...

Soulfire, thank you :-) That made me feel a lot better about having been terribly LAZY! :-)