Monday, March 28, 2011

Trades 3/28 & Reply to Comments

I was long CL 3 hours after Sidney open betting on it not to fall further after an early rally filled the tiny gap, and flipped the trade when I began to see that I was on the wrong side of the market. I covered my short at S0.5 - CL was stalling anyway, and I needed to leave for my class. 3rd trade was taken 2 hours after I got home - for a Globex trade, this was definitely a long wait...

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Thank you, Cory,  for the extremely interesting article: Online Poker's Big Winner

@  Jerrick: My broker is Interactive Brokers. It's common to see a 3-tick difference between bid and ask these days, and during the quieter hours, up to 5. But that's just the way that market's trading ie. not IB's doing. In any case, spread has never been an issue for me as I don't aim for specific entry and exit points. But if it is a concern for you, you might want to avoid Globex hours and even the US session on wilder days (e.g. Inventory release on Wed).

@ Alchi: On top of what was mentioned here, I am trading single contract for reasons that I will disclose when the time is right. I will definitely be trading larger size then too.

@ Soufire: Thank you :-) Yes, the post was from 10 days ago :-) Regarding trade log - I will still be posting as I find it useful for quick referencing and reviews. Re marriage proposal - D's just glad that finally someone else wants to have anything to do with me too. Ha. 

@ Sandy: Sharp :-) I am making a statement. ;-)

@ Ayumi: THANK YOU :-) I like your Chinese posts :-)

@ Novice Trader: Thank you :-) I don't think I've really talked about my a matter of fact, I don't have a specific one. I make an effort to stay away from what I'm not good at doing though ie. trading pullbacks. In the link that I've included in my reply to Alchi (above), you'll find a brief description of what I like to do.

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De'Trader said...

Nice Julez,
you inspired me a lot.

Alchi said...

Thx :-)

Anonymous said...

Phew, some red. I was starting to worry that I was developing some kind of weird red/blue colour blindness.

I had even started searching for some online tests...