Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 7 to Mar 25 - Account Balance Resets

Mar 07: Starting balance reset to USD 7k 
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Mar 21: Funds transferred out of account to reset balance to USD 7K
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In blue box is Mar 07's balance plus profits from Mar 07-21

Activities and PnL from Mar 07-25:
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Note: In blue box is PnL sub-total; in pink box, grand total from Mar 07-25

At end of Mar 25, account balance has been reset to USD 7k again. 

Percentages have never made any sense to me, so for as long as I'm not being charged for moving funds from one account to another, I'll be doing a weekly or fortnightly reset. 7k because it allows me to trade Globex hours which requires a higher margin of 5k per contract...for now I think...anyway, it's 3 to 5k, so 7k is really enough buffer.

I am trading a highly leveraged and volatile instrument - keeping a small account (vis-à-vis a hard stop) gives me the peace of mind to really focus on what the market has to offer instead of what I want for my account (which is of course a bigger and bigger accumulated PnL).  

All charts from Mar 07 have been re-linked (just noticed some of them can't be clicked) and can now be clicked on...will run a check on all the charts before.  

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Jerrick said...

Hi Jules, may I know which brokerage are you using to trade oil? How is the bid/ask spread for one contract? Thanks! :D

Alchi said...

Hello :-)
As you have a very good winrate why aren't you trading more contracts ?

Soullfire said...

Thus ends your use of IB trade logs....and what a way to end it - with the longest consecutive blue streak I've ever seen anyone post. Very Impressive!

By the way, did the virtual marriage proposal come from a complete stranger ala the son of a "Nigerian King with a locked trust" type of email, or was it from a follower of your blog? With your trading success, I'm surprised you haven't received more wedding requests. ;-)

@Alchi - She gave a very detailed answer for that in one of her posts within the last 2 weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

Best of this a new plan of action with a demonstrated chance of profitability or is it like a resolution? Be honest with yourself

Ayumi said...

Well done Jules!


Novice_trader said...

Amazing! After all the months you still surprise me. Do you have a post anywhere that describes your strategy or anything related?

Alchi said...

@ Soulfire
Ok thx i'll find it.

Fat88Trader said...

Keep it up Juliana, you are maturing as a trader, stick with this winning formula and accumulate your capital.

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, Patrick!! :-)