Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing is Secure, Nothing Keeps

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@ Singapore Forex Trader
I see you removed your comment. :-) 

I actually agree with you that I should take a day job. In fact, the course that I have taken earlier was to allow me to get the certification I need to work in my chosen field. 

I am also in the midst of learning more about swing/position trading of commodity futures. Would really love to hear more from you if you have the time to write. Please drop me an email so I can capture your email address?

@ AT
:-) Definitely not a familiar place for everyone. Some intraday traders/scalpers are successful at the onset eg. "Flipper" :-) I'm apparently not one of them. I tend to be ruthless when it comes to ditching things that don't work (for me). Enough time has been given to this pursuit - it has been a 24/7, 16- 20 hours per day intensive 3-year study and training - if it's not working out by now, it simply means that I don't have the aptitude for it.  

I wish you a very lovely weekend too :-)

In Singapore, it's summer throughout :-)

Yes, I do notice that most people appreciate smiles. I give a lot of that outside of work, and I guess that's why I am liked as a person, and hated/feared as a colleague :-)

I hope you are feeling better with days passing?

@ Soulfire
:-) yes, we've talked quite a bit about our trading styles. The thing is, I no longer believe that my method/style/philosophy is a sound one. I won't delve into the daytrading vs longer-term trading disputation because I don't believe I have all the facts I need to start a meaningful conversation on the topic :-) On the personal front, the huge changes I'm about to make in my life - as a result of my having arrived at the conclusion that "less is NOT more" for me (at least for now) - necessitate some major adjustments in the way I go about profiting from the market. 

More on that via emails :-)

@ Cory: I wish I could :-) It's something more fundamental than that. 


After having moved into my dream home for a mere 3 years,  I can't say the decision to sell it was an easy one. I had to first convince myself that it was the right thing to do before I went to D with the proposal. D was sold almost instantaneously - the single idea was going to help him achieve 3 long term goals simultaneously with nil short or long term side-effect. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, once you get into the habit of allowing your mind to be open - at all times - to possibilities. 

So in the few weeks ahead, I'll be busy with preparation for exciting and positive changes in our life. I'm moving out of my comfort zone, literally and figuratively. What makes the whole exercise truly meaningful is that it makes D really, really happy. For someone who's done so much, and given up so much for me, it's the least I could do. 

I am hoping to get back into the rat race by August. It's my kind of race, so I'm looking forward to it.

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Times of Your Life said...

hahhaahha so true

i am feeling better now as days passing. i guess it helps when i am always thinking positively. XDDD

Soullfire said...

Wow - this is certainly unexpected news coming from you! I can't wait for additional details. =)

Have you and D been able to resolve the firewall/xanga connection issue that's been blocking you from my site? Please say yes! =)

Anonymous said...

So we both lost money on FX last week. It was my most unpleasant week for a loooooong time. I'm blaming this story...

It's all very well you going back to the rat race, but has anyone warned the rats? ;-)

Soullfire said...

By the way, I brought up what you said about your trading philosophy/methodology not being a sound/effective one with someone, and she vehemently disagreed, and showed me this as her proof:

I couldn't help but agree with her since a string like that just can't be chalked up to random events. =)

(Also, those were just 1st leg profits leaving the 2nd and 3rd more profitable legs still on the table.)

Therefore the person who is expressing doubt has obviously kidnapped the other person and we need to rescue her post stat! =D

If you tell me you no longer wish to trade because you wish to do something else- that is one thing, but saying you don't have the ability or capacity to be good at trading is quite another and I have to side with that "other person" disagreeing with you wholeheartedly. <3

You really need to read my post on "Traders Anonymous". Get thine firewall fixed! ;)

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Sister Jules,

sometimes it really helps to stay away from the markets for a while.

Jules said...

@ TYL: good to know that you're feeling better! :-)

@ Soulfire: I'm not totally giving up trading. But will definitely cut down on daytrading. Am not feeling that the market's friendly to daytraders right now. And I managed to access your xanga site :-) I used my notebook. Ha. The new firewall configuration is worse than before - now I can't comment on wordpress. LOL! Read your "Trader's Anonymous" - excellent piece! :-) Yes, agreed that hard stops are necessary - especially when holding trades overnight. Thank you for reminding me that when there's a will, there's a way :-) I've invested a fair bit of time and $$$ in oil in order to get there, and I can't seem to duplicate the same result in other instruments. So, will probably wait for oil to become "normal" again before I go back to daytrading :-) Thanks so much, again, for the encouragement. By the way, happy belated birthday!! ;-)

@ LW: LOL! Yes, read that news a few days ago and immediately thought of your famous tall-guy-short-guy post!! HA!! So are you going to take this time to explore more 500-year-old lighthouses? :-)

@ SFT: :-) Yes, am taking a break from daytrading. It was getting really draining and extremely unrewarding. Am in a swing trade now and will probably close it only at end of the month. I feel a lot less stressed, and could even go out to see a friend who was visiting from Hong Kong :-)

Soullfire said...

@Jules - prediction about your misbehaving firewall shrinking your world is coming true! Lol!

Yeah, I hate stops because the HFT programs love to hunt them out to trigger them, but they are a lifesaver when a stock gets on a surge move. At least IB's commissions are pretty inexpensive so one can get back in easily without too much extra cost. =)

I'm glad you can finally access my site....or at least that's what you tell have to leave me some comments as proof! =)

BTW, my b-day isn't until July. ;-) Why did you think it was in June?