Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Little Worried

Simply a horrible week of trading:

- Can't figure out FX (hence the very inconsistent results - and I do think that luck has EVERYTHING to do with all my profitable FX trades). 

- Love NG but it can get really crazy without warning. 

- Love oil when it's not anywhere near 100 bucks. 

- Love TF but the session starts and ends too late (D stays up with me despite my protest, so I try to turn in early enough for him to get at least 5 hours of sleep). 

I am at a crossroad once again. I'm not sure I can make enough money from trading to do everything that I want to do. I am missing something here and I have not a clue what it is. It's time to revisit all the books I've read. 

I like your laughter, TYL :-)

Will tell you more about Seabloke, Soulfire :-) You have a new post with an interesting heading, and I can't access it! D's going to have to fix my firewall this weekend! :-)

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Attitude Trader said...

" a crossroad once again."

A very familiar place. ;)

Have a good weekend anyway!


Times of Your Life said...

ahhh maybe its summer time...

hahahahah it is always good to laugh, people always appreciate a smile and laughter
it makes this world more happy XDDD

Soullfire said...

Don't forget that trading isn't like a corporate job where we are guaranteed to grind out a profit day after day.

We have to wait for certain trade setups that plays to our expertise which gives us the edge. That's when we make gains that more than make up for the weeks where we were waiting to trade. =)

You should indeed like my latest blog since our trading styles are similar I'm sure you will relate to it!

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...
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cory said...

blame it on roll over week.