Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trades, Life and Such (Wrap Up)

Documenting trades using Camtasia. Experimental stage ie. I haven't an inkling what I was doing (No, I didn't read the manual. What's new?).

You-tube upload was a mess but somehow I managed to get all the videos up. Quality's bad though. Please use "Full Screen Mode" to view.

Skip right to Part 3 for the 6J trade. Part 1 and 2 show the scanning process (without audio, they are extremely boring).  
(Update: Part 1 and 2 removed. They bored me to tears.)

Part 1: Scanning 6 symbols and checking out 6J (using 5min chart, and checked hourly for key S&R)

Part 2: Checked out 6A (using 5min chart, and checked hourly for key S&R), settled on 6J

Part 3: 6J Short (6J 5min chart is at row 1 column 1 of the 6-chart matrix ie. top left corner)

As Fate Would Have It
Just to make life a little more interesting, I went back to take a look at the 6A short that I gave up:
6A 5min
 6A Hourly
A 7-point move per contract. Ha.

Have been back trading a smaller 10k account since Monday (Jun 6th). A complete disaster so far. 2nd row from the bottom shows profit for 6J short shown in above video.

2nd 6J short from today (video is an hour long - with clip speed at 900% it's still a 7 plus minute video, so, no video):

6A and TF trades from yesterday (in the midst of doing after action reviews (AAR) for the rest):

Absolutely Nothing to Do with Trading
Soulfire wrote to my gmail account after he didn't manage to leave a comment (I'm so sorry, Soulfire!) to ask about Asperger Syndrome. Yep, Soulfire, it is. I have replied in detail.

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Anonymous said...

Just what I need... another internet video that Mrs L&W can't catch me watching!

Jules said...

LW!!!!! :-) I was just thinking of you!!!!

Forexbird is trading futures! I was reading his old posts and when I saw this:, I thought of you!

:) :D :P

Anonymous said...

Join the queue of people telling me to do this! :-)

I know I should, but I should also eat broccoli, go to bed before 2AM, tolerate fools etc.!

Jules said...

Tolerating fools extends my life expectancy?? You don't say!!

Times of Your Life said...

@.@ is it comment not working for last post?
hahahahah i can't post my comment last post yesterday for some reason...
ahhhh maybe its my computer problem

hahahah this video should be interesting...

Soullfire said...

Oh Jules - I would hardly call losing ~$400 in 5 trades a complete disaster, lol! I'd call it trading with well defined stops that kept you from having big losses. =)

Your losses on the 8th were countered by some nice gains, so no disaster there either. =) You're going to have to add some extra zeros to the losses if you want the word disaster to have any credibility. ;-)