Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trades 6/24 (Wrap Up) & About Swami & Man Vs. Machine

(Update: 4 TF trades to show D my new chart...and done for the week)

I decided to go mechanical - at least partially, for now - before I go bonkers.

After 3 years of trying to prove that man is better than machine, I'm finally convinced that I'm wrong, and Swami is right.

And now that I'm trying to trade with the trend (ie. I'll make my best effort to stay away from chops and tight ranges), I see no reason to use wide hard stops anymore.

For the first time in a long, long time, I don't feel like trading is killing me slowly and painfully...

Today's trades in yellow box:

Total for the week:







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Solfest said...

That's Swamiguru please and thank you.

Jules said...

Yes, of course, Swamiguru. How do you like the yellow bar (it's a little dirty...clean ones are hard to see)?

Solfest said...

I can only see blue. :)

Attitude Trader said...

Then it seems like it ought to be "Swamibluru."

Nice way to end the week Jules. Now enjoy the weekend!!


Soullfire said...

What's this? Giving up your manual trading ways? I though that was the part of trading you most enjoyed....besides the moolah...hur hur...

Those charts look scantily clad sans candles! =(

However, one can't argue with success, so if you have a mechanical system that works, it's another good weapon in your arsenal.

After that nearly perfect "blue" performance a couple of months ago, suspicions has been raised that "you" are a system - a bot construct of D....hur hur.

I'm starting to really enjoy my self constructed human rules based system based on a blend of trendlines and candlereading. Our brains are organic computers, so I am system trading as Soullbot!! ;-)

Soullfire said...

Oh,...almost forgot my weekly reminder- GET THINE FIREWALL FIXED!!!! =D

Jules said...

SwamiBLURU? Hmmm.... I LIKE!! LOL! Trust you had a wonderful weekend yourself, AT? :-)

Jules said...

Soulfire :-) The perfect blue performance didn't feel sustainable. I was taking unnecessarily huge risks on many occasions. My ultimate goal is to be able to increase size, and the way I was trading just simply didn't allow me to do that.

Re Firewall: I get the feeling that D will never reconfigure my firewall, not after I received a message telling me I won 850k POUNDS (which I have to send in my particulars to claim). Ha. But I have my notebook still, which I use solely for taking of notes and reading of news (so D left it alone :-)). I am able to access your site from there :-) Only problem is it takes up space on my desk which I don't have on most days :-)