Friday, June 24, 2011

Trading Ruined My Life

Jun 22:
Jun 23:

I spent my birthday in front of my screen from 8am to 2am, had my phone turned on silent, ate at my workstation, took my shower only at 2am to make time for the market, and it rewarded me with 10 bucks.

How very lovely.

@Seabloke: LOVE YOU. :-)

@Soulfire: Thank you :-) Re holding of NG trade: greed, it's pure greed. :-)

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Orange Fish said...

Oh, Jules. Happy birthday!

Orange Fish said...

BTW, it's JE. I changed my name.

Times of Your Life said...

hahahah Happy Birthday...

>.< but its exciting....

seabloke said...

i mean, seriously, if you weren't in front of the comp trading, what would you have done on your birthday anyway?
Sit in front of the comp reading about other people's trades??

Jules said...

@ JE:
Thank you :-) Still a frequent flyer? :-) I'm still trying to arrange for a trip to US, and schedule depends on D's...Why is your fish orange? Is it the kind that we call goldfish? :-D

@ TYL: Thank you :-) Exciting? You bet :-) I almost wanted to give up trading for the 1000th time. :-)

@ Sea the Almighty: WHERE'S THE PINHOLE CAMERA???