Thursday, July 07, 2011

Trade 7/7 - I Go Where You Go

MACD divergence and price shooting for yesterday's high during the quiet Asian hours. I just had to take the trade.

+ USD 745

Chart trader was used so I can put in a bracket order (I keep forgetting how to use IB's bracket order whenever I want to use it). 

I don't actually use yellow  candles when I trade. I use black candles. Yellow was shown here to make it easier to see where entry and exit were. 

Bracket order because I was supposed to be paying attention to my books. 

But of course my eyes were on the price ladder half the time. 

And my mind was on a dozen other things. 

A headhunter based in Australia left a note and a contact number on LinkedIn, so I called Australia. It's a very interesting post. D's excited for me because he's always of the view that capital markets offer very lucrative careers.

Will makes me cry, and think of J:

This too:

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Soullfire said...

Nice trade! I must be walking the path of Al Brooks as I have stopped looking at all indicators and just focus on primarily price. =)

Jules said...

LOL!! Yes, I have decided to take the easier route. :-)

IJ said...

RE: Head Hunter

Good for you Jules!



Jules said...

Thank you, IJ! :-)