Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Trades 7/5 & I Am Grouchy

I'm convinced now that it was indeed a bad idea to be buying and selling properties at a time that I should be buried in my books. The whole experience of buying in particular has been frustrating. I was very close to issuing a check, and changed my mind when I was advised it was a bad deal. I'm done trying to do this myself, and am happy to let the expert take over from this point on.

The air-con repair men came in today to do a major maintenance on all the units, forcing me to open the windows to allow hot fresh air to come in. It was in the late afternoon and absolutely the worst time to have no air-conditioning. I got an instant migraine, which was aggravated by a tiff I had with Sea. She ended the argument with "I need a hairdo". Totally hilarious. But it helped. Migraine went away. 

My cleaning lady had left in the morning, so there was no one to help with clean-up after the air-con men left. I had no idea how to use the equipment my cleaning lady has been using, and ended up cleaning the floor the traditional way - scrubbing with towels soaked in Dettol, half the time hoping  the antiseptic won't kill Al. After 3 rounds of washing and rinsing, I was soaked in perspiration but satisfied that I had killed all the germs left behind by the machines the air-con men had brought with them. 

By 9pm local time, I had settled down at my workstation. But instead of studying, I decided I needed to see all those green and red candles that I've missed so much. I ditched all FX futures and went back to watching CL, and ended up trading the last and first legs again.

To a large extent, I agree with Lord Tedders that as far as daytrading is concerned, wide stops seem to work better, but probably only during the quieter hours (I can't seem to trade the more active hours when it comes to CL). In any case, I'm glad CL has stopped acting crazy. It's a shame I have to drop trading again to go back to my books!

A big thank you to all who have stopped by and left notes, and thousand apologies for not having responded!!! 

DTF, received your email but hadn't the chance to reply. Just wanna tell you I appreciate the info. No, I wasn't aware of the seminar. My mind has been somewhere else... Trust you've enjoyed Brooks'? :-)

Today's trading:

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Soullfire said...

Sounds like you got your cleaning and workout done at the same time..hur hur! ;-)

Nice job on that CL short - that's about as perfect an entry as can be.

seabloke said...

and yes i still need that hairdo, argument or not.

Jules said...

Yes, Soulfire, it was the only workout I had in a long, long time :-)

Re CL short: that's oil - when it behaves - not me :-)

Jules said...

Sea :-)