Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dance Me to the End of Love

Turned out that I didn't like turning 39. I spent the past few days brooding whenever I wasn't busy house hunting. Not being able to trade just made things worse of course (I've been sim trading because I promised D that I would take a break from trading to focus on my's pathetic...).

It's Friday, and D was in high spirit when I went out to the lobby earlier this evening to receive him after he had parked the car. We packed our favorite dinner, and talked about Barney's Version. D really enjoyed the movie. I asked D what made him like such a sad story, and was surprised when he said he didn't find it sad at all. I maintained that the movie simply confirmed my belief that life in general is sad.  

When I went out for a smoke alone after dinner, D came looking for me, and asked what it was that was making me feel down. I had a long list that I didn't want to bore him with, so I told him that growing old and not having a real job depressed me. 

D laughed, and asked if it ever occurred to me that I am a very fortunate woman, and that unlike most people on this island with real jobs, I have the luxury of "choice". D said I would do well in my next project, and that made me smile. 

And this is the part that makes me REALLY, REALLY happy: D reminding me the number of people we've met in the past weeks who have been talking about this warm, gentle, refined and VERY PRETTY lady who's always in sportswear...D is happy that I did it all without mascara (I have gone completely bare-faced for a while now, and D's starting to tabulate the savings for the next 50 years).

We spent a small part of the evening dancing to this song from the movie that we both love:

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Attitude Trader said...

Hmmm, two very close people who appear to view life and the world in two very different ways - even though it's the very same life and world.

Maybe life really is all in how you (decide to) perceive it?

Have a great, long, weekend.


Orange Fish said...

This is a beautiful post.

I'll be 39 in two months. I know how you feel. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there nowhere left for me to leave comments?!

AT is making money so I can't take the p**s there any more, and now Jules is posting stuff that is inappropriate for my usual levels of sarcasm/cynicism ;-)

And I lost money today.

And Murray was knocked out of Wimbledon.

Attitude Trader said...

Maybe you could find a languishing blog to tend to...or start a new one! ;)


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Ah! Barefaced beauty,

I am always 28! Never mind what's written on our birth certificate ;)

Having said that, last CNY when I returned to Singapore, I got pissed when all the salespersons at Sim Lim Square started calling me "uncle"... Whatever happened to "yandao"? LOL!

Have a superweekend girl!

seabloke said...

i'm sorry i'll never understand what you feel in terms of age. By the time i get there, you've moved on!

R should be a millionaire by now! His wife's barefaced and shameless.