Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trading Break

Taking a trading break to prepare for an exam in mid July. Will be flying out to meet D on the 3rd week of July, and returning before Sea's birthday at the end of the month. August will be a busy month as I'll be moving to my new home.

It's very likely I'll resume trading only in Sept. 

My apologies to friends who have sent birthday wishes - the past week's been rather crazy and I haven't had time to respond to messages as they came in.

My current home that Sea says no one will take because it doesn't have enough walls (scratched sofa's entirely Al and Keish's doing, and messy workstation belongs to D):

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Soullfire said...

Some people prefer open areas rather than many compartments/rooms - so that crowd will like it. =)

D's workstation? I was hoping to see your three screen workplace where the magic happens. ;-)

TST said...

Good Luck in your exam Jules .
Nice home !

p/s trader don't need windows, they need walls and more walls :)

Times of Your Life said...

hahahahah i like the idea of "walls and walls and walls..."