Friday, August 05, 2011

Thank You

Thank you, Man of Leisure, Times of Your Life, Soulfire, and Seabloke for your  notes, comments, questions and encouragements. 

@ Soulfire: To cut a long story very, very short - yes, you were spot on on me not having followed rules. Anyways, I didn't really have that many rules that I had made a point to stick to to being with...I can't tell you exactly why I hadn't exited trades that I should have - my best guess is that I simply lost focus. My mind can wonder very, very far whenever I allow it to. Again, I'm not sure exactly how and when it happened, it just hit me one day that, for a myriad of reasons,  I wasn't ready for full-time trading. And that had caused me to lose interest. After that, there was simply nothing left to do except to find a valid reason for an immediate and complete withdrawal...and it had turned out to be a  relatively short and painless process. 

Re house-warming - yes there will be one. And it is my dream that my trading friends from all over the world will attend :-)  

@Times of Your life: Thank you :-) I'm not "adding oil" for now, but I will pray for your success, and I wish you'll soon be able to buy a house near the beach, and a lot of time to spend with that special person in your life :-)

@Man of Leisure: I'm really touched by your note. Thank you so much. Yes, I most certainly hope to have the last laugh :-) 

@Sea: Trading is an occupation. Just not the right one for me right now. Perhaps in a decade or two ;-)



Times of Your Life said...

hahahaha Thank You Jules....
yesyes i think i am getting there
i am sure i can do it...

seabloke said...

you sound so formal its blardee irritating :P

Anonymous said...

Back from 2 weeks of holiday and is it the financial meltdown that is occupying my mind? No, it is your blog.

Just like with the markets though, I have nothing intelligent to say.

Jules said...

LW!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Jules said...

life is blardee serious!!!