Monday, August 08, 2011

A Window Opens

I began closing all my trading accounts and have had funds channeled back into the parent/investment account since last Wednesday. I spent at least half of last week with Sea and her family, and it has been an interesting experience. Being out almost the entire day everyday wasn't exactly what I had in mind after I decided to quit trading, but I most definitely appreciated the break and my family's company.

I start my new job/life officially in September. Meanwhile, I'm having a lot of fun reading all the business emails that are filling my new email account. I was most surprised that instead of feeling irritated by the emails, I couldn't wait for more info to come in. I don't mind the people at all, which really surprises D still. 

I am going to learn to trade all over again, and will most likely continue to write.  

I won't be trading real money any time before 2015 though. The plan is to focus on my new career, and I can't do that if my heart is still in trading. And my heart will be in trading unless I drop live trading COMPLETELY. 

Still holding on to my current home. It's the month that no Chinese really wants to buy (except me, of course).....On the day that the DOW plunged 500 points, I told D that it's likely that we might just get to keep our home a little longer, given our asked price. And it really isn't an undesirable situation. We should be moving into our new home by October, and the current one can then be opened everyday for viewing. HA.

Conceptualizing on renovation ideas, researching on another property to buy, and the throwing out of all the things that I've been refusing to get rid of for the past 2 decades should keep me sufficiently busy til September.

I am still mad with D for insinuating that I've always had it easy in life, and will most definitely be setting aside time to deploy the 500 ways that I can make his very difficult.

Boy, I hate his long eyelashes!!

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DT233 said...

Good luck Jules!


austinp said...

It's funny how the path to contolling our own destiny in trading is a journey of submission to the market's whim. Control oriented people have the most diffcult journey to trading success... I can attest to that personally.

When we accept the fact of being wrong a lot versus right a little, we start to see profits pile up in our accounts. Funny how this profession really works.

Great picture of a great-looking couple there... looks like a pair of happy, professional models to me :)

FX said...

I think that your interaction with traders last few years got you interested in people once again.

I wish you all luck.

Times of Your Life said...

Good luck Jules...

@.@ his really does look long

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

You go girl! All the best to your next challenge in life!

Eh... Just fake a headache for a few nights and you will have your way :)

Opps! Just revealed how I was punished by my ex... (red-faced)


Lord Tedders said...


I think you will be back to the markets. Once something like this is in your blood it never leaves. Enjoy your respite.


cory said...

Wish you all the best, Jules!