Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sim Trade 9/28 (Wed) & Accident-Prone & Darn Good Life

I did this to me:

Keish did this to me (she will not be allowed on my lap for a long time):

Fate did this to me:

Home-cooked Lunch and Dinner Packed in Thermos!

Marlboro Menthol Ultra Light Included!!!

Note from Seabloke

TORCHLIGHT for blackouts!! She remembered!!
A darn good life:

It's good to have a sprained ankle.

OMG. I can't help it. She even remembered my favorite chili padi!!!!
and my favorite melon soup (in thermos) and steam broccoli!!!
Sea, what am I to do with this in my fridge???
I mean, it's 2 HUGE smoked salmon pizza!!
Spizz'a yummy. But never ever going to be half - no, make it 1% - as good as food cooked by Seabloke!!!!!

Damn. You just made me put pictures of my lunch on my blog....

Summer just gave birth to 6 healthy babies (Sea says she feels like deep-frying exact thought....) !!! Seabloke is now a granny!!! 

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seabloke said...

pic of ankle resembles 1side of a woman's bum! :P

and yes why are you posting food like any other bloggers

Jules said...

I'm also posting your pet's newborns...


seabloke said...

i got answer to your pizza- safe it for bil! :P

Jules said...

He is allergic to pizza. And molds. LOL!!!