Friday, September 30, 2011

Sim Trade 9/29 (Thurs)

Had a really long chat with someone I knew just 2 months ago who felt like he was struggling in this business. He asked if I had any idea why he chose my shoulders to cry on (not in those exact words), and then volunteered the answer. It was because I was the only one who really did email him the info that I had verbally shared with him, while the others simply said they would but never did. I made an effort to recall what exactly it was that I passed to him that made him want to talk to me again, and then realized it wasn't about the info that I gave him - it was that I BOTHERED to get back to him. And I did because he was a decent guy who deserved a little help and I was happy to do him a favor.

If only I could feel the same about everyone I meet in my line of business. Hmmm..


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TradeThief said...

No clue what your strategy is, but whatever your doing it's working! Congrats on such nice trades.