Friday, April 20, 2012

CL Trades 4/17 (Tues) and 4/19 (Thurs)

CL 4/17
CL 4/19 (Includes Globex)
CL 4/19

I hate Wednesday Crude Inventory, so we went house hunting instead. We are currently negotiating for a unit that I think will make a good investment. The units that I saw last August that I offered to buy at what seemed like ridiculous prices to all then eventually sold for exactly those prices this month. As in trading and everything else in life, my timing's just awfully off...

D's mum arrives in late May , leaving California for good after having lived there for decades. I'm starting to feel a little nervous. Since 16, I've lived either alone, or with my roommate who's still my best friend, or with D,  far away from friends and family (in icy Edmonton, Swamiguru's hometown),. There was never a "mother" figure around, and I'm not sure yet how I am going to adapt. She's a retired brain surgeon, and I'm a gambling and nicotine addict. Lovely.

DT: :-) Swamiguru / LW (we are darn sure they are the same person, right?) is my idol. I can't be mad with my idol. I like his blue bar and hope that one day mine will turn blue too...

TST: Yes, purple is my favorite, after black, white and blue :-)

LW: As long as you are not living in the Antarctica, you still have reason to be very afraid.... hur...hur.... By the way, my hormones actually tamed me. Screaming is a sign of femininity. Pre-puberty, my fist did all the talking.

Cory: LOL! Thanks for the link. I enjoyed it :-) For info, I was extremely composed that day and wasn't crazy mad (but definitely irritated). The last time I was really mad with a neighbor it was more than a decade ago and I forgot what I did, but after they called in their brothers to threaten me in my own home, they made it a point to not cross my path in the years that followed, and paid for the damages they caused without me asking. It's likely Alberto scared them with these:

SMOL: HELLO KITTY??!! LOL!!!!! Now that'd be the ugliest chart ever!

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1 comment:

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


No wonder you were in the blue force...

Compared to you, I am like the shining knight in distress. In conflict situations, all I can say is: Don't hit the face! LOL!

I also wish your trading will be as blue as the smurfs ;)

Lah lah lah lah lah lah! (Don't you just hate that song?)