Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trades 4/13 (Fri) and 4/16 (Mon) & "We're Not Young"

CL 4/13

6J 4/13

NG 4/13

CL 4/16

Clearly, a very awful way to close a week and open another.

4/13 (Friday) - I blame the neighbors. Particularly the family upstairs. Their yelling, slamming of doors and throwing of things were getting way out of control, and when one of them wouldn't stop doing what I can only describe as a mix of howling and bawling, I opened my windows, threw half my body out, and yelled/ screamed/ shrieked "SHUT UP" (D commented that on the scale of one to ten, with ten being the most disturbing, the family scores a seven on most day, while I hit almost a 10. He was amused I simply settled back down at my computer calmly after that to resume work, and asked if my throat hurt). I have been enjoying complete peace for 72 hours now. I still can't believe why I hadn't made that request earlier. And I can't believe it takes an otherwise sweet and gentle (ok, I am evil, but I do have good manners) me to make them stop... Everyone else here is probably too darn nice/ cultured/ politically correct to scream out of their window in the middle of the night.

Yesterday's was totally my own doing so I shan't complain.

For comic relief:

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Solfest said...

Are you ever going to explain what this Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat indicator is all about?

Perhaps the colour blindness hinders my deciphering abilities.

Jules said...

Mine is a color-coded life. Without these codes, I'm disorganized, disorientated, and disenchanted. :-)

TST said...

The color purple is nice

DT233 said...

Don't mind Swamiguru. He's only watching for a blue bar.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the screaming at neighbours and the transition to bright purple I am fairly sure the technicolour indicator has something to do with hormones.

I can only say this because I live 7,000 miles away from Jules, and even then I am quite scared :-)

cory said...

go to 1:25

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


I think I saw a Hello Kitty price formation.

A rounding top in between 2 double top spikes!


Opps! Forgot Hello Kitty got no mouth.


That's better!