Monday, November 04, 2013


Thank you all who have written, and I apologize for not having responded to all emails and FB messages.

To those who asked: no, I am not keeping a private blog. I just wanted to not exist in the blogosphere for a while. I never imagined it to be such a hard thing to do. I guess it didn't occur to me that I do like the friends I've made here, and I have been missing you too.

Briefly, I have spent all of July to yesterday dealing with one of those things that I hate doing the most - the project took ALL of my time and energy, and I haven't day traded for months now.

In the same time, I learn that most people are more complex than I think, and that despite my best efforts to not alienate them, they will still leave when they can't get what they want.

Everything's starting to not feel so bad anymore though. I've come to terms that what I can control is far outnumbered by those that I can't - and that I am doing both myself and people who care about me a great favor by simply letting go and focusing on living each day just taking care of what I CAN do for myself and people who need me.

In my darkest moments, I had made plans to return to Canada, totally forgetting/ignoring D's 10-year plan; after mulling over for days on end how much D loves the high salary, the low interest and low taxes here, I called off the move.

I rented out another of my home, and we live even further away from civilization now. The beach is 3 minutes' walk away, and there are no more neighbors and guards to annoy me.

For the 6th time, it's near the end of the year again where it's difficult to day trade without frequent distractions. It is highly likely that I will return to regular trading and posting only in the beginning of 2014.

@Soulfire: no, I've not gone to the dark side of FB :-). I have not written anything anywhere else since my last blog post in June.

燃亮我意志 鼓起我勇氣
前面去 再創傳奇
從沒有計較 是否好天氣
下決心 再要逆風飛

又再有勇氣 願趁風再起
萬里飛 佳績勝預期
未怕雪再冷 只想高高飛
共挽手 一起再衝刺

光陰不會往後退 應拋開傷心憶記
願我會 拭乾眼中淚
天空海闊我共你 再領略人生的美
雲外看 新的生趣

不管多艱辛 袛需有志氣
讓我衝衝衝 直上九霄去
前路有進退 心早有預備
求做到 能做到 是進取

就像海風 碰上了鮮花
站在日光中 看到了火花
長年的巧合 造就了炎夏

就像天色 偶爾變得差
令大地風景 也偶有偏差
而難得身旁 日月已經過

人與人太多 混亂之間
途人之間 千百次遇著亦是緣慳
某個人從此不賞一眼 唯獨是你共我一直行
從我們結識 直路轉彎
仍然支撐 哭過以後笑臉又重返
而我們跌撞過 始終可繼續逛

就像一早 已有過一生
浪漫幸福得 要再有這生
神奇的巧合 像命裡指引

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