Saturday, May 29, 2010


CL 15min
CL 5min
I lost my fear for crude. That's gotta be a really bad thing.

I opened a SHORT position slightly before 1amET, and nurtured it til 6amET, when I had to leave to visit little ones. I had promised them ice-cream at 5amET, so at 6, I was already an hour late. I was told they were all dressed up and waiting eagerly for me.

I couldn't close my position, and I couldn't stand little ones up....

Anyway, I finally decided that whenever their mother's away, gremlins are more important than my trades.

Left my position open and got home in time to close it at breakeven.

When bulls made 2 failed attempts to break back above OR, I re-entered short slightly after 12pm ET. Really meant to hold to a level slightly above pivot support 0.5 at 73.20, but got out once price broke day low instead. I was tired. As fate would have it, price eventually hit 73.20.

I've used no stop orders. Am finally done with entering at specific price points.

Actually, I think I'm feeling rather fed up with everything in general.

Or maybe I just hate city living and the rat race that comes with it.

I miss my full-time trading days, and THESE FOLKS SORELY.


DT233 said...


Check your blogroll and tell me what you see?


Jules said...

DT, I see you have deflected, that's what I see :-) Ninja's gone, so are my favorite BLUE candles!!! You're talking pips now...which reminds me of a certain bad FX trade I'm still in, after...6 months?? GASP!

DT233 said...

Actually I meant that LW is back. But it's nice that you noticed my new blog. LOL

Jules said...

:-) I just didn't want to give the Englishman too much attention, DT.

He's so spoilt :-)