Saturday, September 04, 2010

CL, 6S (Swiss Franc) and GC Trades 9/3

CL 5min

6S 5min

GC 5min

It's strange. I'm not exactly looking forward to Sept 15, which is my last day of service. I'm starting to feel like I might just really, really miss some folks there. 

But then again, I'm not a sentimental person. Life will go on. I think.


De'Trader said...

Hi Jules, what make you CL exit almost on bottom? That's incredible. You know I short on 75.17 exit insanely early :(

Jules said...

Well, what made you short from the top, De'Trader? I'm insanely envious! :-)

De'Trader said...

Ah, just some Austin CM Pattern with 233 tick chart. You probably knew it.

Hey, if we make a cooperation I enter, you exit, we will insanely rich :)

Just kidding...