Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yada Yada Yada...

I'm proud of myself. I finally called my former cleaning lady who was with me for 10 years before she retired in late 2007.

Aunt Ooi had called last Christmas (!!!) when D was away on family matters, and I hadn't returned her call coz I was too distressed to talk. And I didn't manage to call at all throughout the first half of this year coz I was depressed 90% of the time. Anyway, what matters is that I finally called. She sounded so happy. I felt terrible when she told me she has been thinking of D and me, and was wondering if we have been alright. 

I promised Aunt Ooi I'd bring her to our new home, which is likely going to be in the far east of the island, and a stone's throw away from our Changi Prison - it's a 10-minute walk to the entrance of the prison complex - so convenient a location that I decided to put in an application for a job opening (D couldn't stop laughing when I told him that no sane AD-level civil servant would apply for a manager-level post in the remote eastern area - it's just not so good for their career development - and so I should be a "good buy"...) - and she was happy for us. The Flora/Mariam area is just so ME. 

D and I initially set our eyes on the newest project in that area, and were in the 3rd round of negotiation (ok, I was the only one doing the negotiating, coz D learned from experience that when it comes to real estate property transactions, even he is not as ruthless as me), when I decided that it would be a bad buy. Long story short, I decided it'd make more sense to get a huge apartment that comes with a huge patio within the area's most condemned project (condemned for totally the wrong reason in my opinion), and use the premium we would have had paid for a unit in the most popular project (which is built right next to a huge plot of land that was recently bought by an ambitious developer) to revamp a really run down unit in the former (we're going to be living in it for a long time after all, and given that it's a freehold land, we're really not too bothered about the fact that it's hardly appreciated since completion in 2000). 

This is going to be so FUN.

And I called KEN too. He wrote on my birthday, and followed up with a call on the day that I was going around viewing the Carissa units (so I didn't hear the phone ring). When I returned his call earlier this evening - which was like almost a month after his first attempt to reach me - he sounded worried. Must have been something I said when we last met some time around last Christmas...anyway... KEN QUIT HIS JOB (after nearly 2.5 decades of working for someone)!!! He trades crude oil full time now. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should continue to look for courses to attend and exams to take. If there's ever a good time to return calls and catch up with close friends, it's during the eves of exams. Another good time is when the pc crashes. But I'd rather that not happen EVER.

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Attitude Trader said...

Nice to see you using words like "FUN" and "WOOHOO." ;)


Jules said...

Yes, AT, my happiness index tends to go up following episodes of fast food binges which almost always coincide with the period that D's away, so I can never really tell which was it that was really making me happy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh great. I used to be able to rely on Jules being an oasis of realism in a desert of positivity, and now this happens.

McD's have a lot to answer for (in addition to inventing something called a "filet o fish")


Jules said...

Awww...LW... :-) I'm just not as in your face as before, that's all.

Would it cheer you a little if I told you I meant to say my happiness index correlates positively with the number of days I stay out of the painfully annoying market? :-D

I happen to like filet-o-fish...especially the name. LOL!!!!!