Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Trades 1/7/ & 5/7 (Fri & Mon) and Cassandra

After a nearly 2-year break (I stopped active trading after Alberto passed on in early 2014), I have gotten rusty.

I resumed trading last Friday, but decided to close shop early after the trade went nowhere for hours, but mainly cuz I was eager to check out a gift that I received from a very special couple, my very lovely friends that D and I have know for 25 years.

Then I traded today (chart attached below), not realizing that it's a US holiday. I got out about 20 minutes before market closed, not knowing that market would be closed 4 hours earlier than usual.

Cassandra's meowing the whole 10 hours I was in trade got me out.

Cassandra is my very quiet Scottish Straight/ British Shorthair girl.

It looks like Cassandra has officially taken over what used to be Alberto's role.

Cassandra's now my trading cat.

CL 5min
Conversation with D
Conversation cont'd

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J NG said...

Welcome back ... miss your trades

Soullfire said...

Sounds like Cassandra needs to be paid her share of the proceeds for her help- perhaps in catnip.=)

Jules said...

@J NG - Thank you :)

@Soulfire - Cassandra has me. ;) Actually, she has a catnip cigar. :)