Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 To-Do List

1. Trading: To abolish daily profit target and rigid entry and exit rules, the use of wide hard-stops, and the reading of trading-related books

2. Sleep: 8 hours a day minimum; smoke: 5 sticks max

3. Food: Eat EVERYTHING - protein, carbo, fats; eat NOTHING processed (except dark chocolates)

4. Do 100 push-ups on alternate days; cardio everyday; resume kickboxing in the morning

5. Call 2 people who matter per day; see 1 per week; write 5 per month; meet up with cell group on alternate Fridays

6. Do the laundry every other day; check emails twice a day; mobile: deactivate "flight" mode to retrieve text messages twice a day

7. Read a new novel every month

8. Resume singing

9. Get an iphone

10. Visit US in late 2011 - meet J, JE, Lonely, LT (?), DT (?), Cory (?), MBA (?), Austin (?), DTF (?), basically, anyone who wants to meet up


seabloke said...

i'll go US just so you'll meet me.

Jules said...

Excellent...Can pilot's cockpit accommodate you?