Tuesday, June 22, 2010

D & J Y18 (Part 1)

CL 15min
CL 5min

It's been a rather hectic day. Tomorrow's going to be worse. Actually, this entire week's going to be crazy.

Things are definitely looking up (I like busy...).


MBAGearhead said...

Looks like we had the same entry Jules - except I got stopped and you held and rocked! A+!

Anonymous said...

This market seems to function to take out stops in 'obvious' places. So I put my stops above/below these obvious places and I get bigger losses :-(

Back to FX...

(Nice to see someone making money though, v.nice trades)

Jules said...

:-) MBA.
But you're making VERY good bean trades :-)

Jules said...

LOL! LW! Don't speak until you've tried placing a 2k stop :-)