Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Trades 4/1 and 4/2 and I am Free

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Lots happened at home last week - on top of the half a dozen people moving about the house everyday getting things fixed, my mother in law was pushing my buttons at shorter intervals, triggering one of my biggest meltdown.

On Friday morning, I contacted my agent and viewings were arranged the very evening. Paper work has since been completed, and we are going to be living separately 3 days from now. I could finally find the peace to resume trading on Monday.

I am making a living for the family - mostly for D and his mum - so I am not going to apologize for taking the liberty to secure the personal space and peace of mind I need in order to work effectively.

As always, I appreciate all the comments.

@ Soulfire: you know me well :-)


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Attitude Trader said...

As always, best wishes...


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Glad it all worked well in the end.

Some traders need peace and solitude.

Some traders need to be with people; hence they join a prop firm or trading arcade.

Happiness is knowing what you need and acting upon it.

When in harmony, it shows in our trading results!


Jules said...


Thank you so much. :-)

Soullfire said...

That is some mundo awesome trading!

So how will this work -will you have your own private Bat Cave for trading only and "commute" back to the main home after hours?

Jules said...

the new cave is for my mother in law. D has yet to break the news to her. I love the apartment at first sight and took it at the first viewing - in the event that mil opts to stay on board the mother ship, I'll move to the new nest with my cats. Either way works for me.

Yes, I am self-centered :-) My sanity comes first - it's only when I am well that I can make money. D and I are sole sponsors of my mother in law's stay here for as long as she lives - and she is used to the finer things in life.